Collagen Induction Therapy


Truly beautiful skin is soft, supple and glowing. Yet with sun damage, acne scars, and fine lines, a luminous complexion can be difficult to achieve.

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive technique that boosts the skin’s production of collagen and elastin. These are two of the most important substances in maintaining plump, youthful skin.

How does it work?

Microneedling involves using a mechanized device called a microneedling pen to make tiny needle punctures in the outermost layers of the skin. By precisely controlling the microneedling depth, spacing, frequency, and pattern, the skin is stimulated to produce additional collagen and elastin. A vast amount of scientific research supports the claim that microneedling improves the appearance of pitted acne scars, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation.

What happens during a microneedling treatment?

The microneedling treatment performed at Dermacare is a step above other clinics’ microneedling treatments. After a thorough cleansing, the skin is further prepared by performing a microdermabrasion treatment using the Diamond Tome – the gold standard in the skin care industry. The skin is then treated with a beneficial vitamin C serum. Next, the medical aesthetician skillfully performs the microneedling treatment to deliver tiny micro-injuries to the skin in order to promote collagen and elastin. Finally, as an added benefit, hyaluronic acid is applied to the skin. A take-home kit of Obagi Gentle Cleanser and Vitamin C serum is provided.

What should be expected after the treatment?

Although microneedling sounds a little scary (needles going into the face), it is actually quite tolerable. At the end of the treatment, the skin may be slightly red and a little swollen. There is minimal downtime with this treatment. By the next day, most patients are able to return to daily activities.

Improvements in the skin’s appearance should be noticeable after just one treatment, however, for better results, several microneedling treatments may be required. Treatments may be repeated as frequently as every two weeks. Packages of six treatments are offered at a discounted price.*

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