LATISSE – a scientific breakthrough that works like magic!

Your eyelashes can grow thicker, fuller and more attractive through simple applications of FDA approved Latisse from Allergan. You only need to apply a drop of the solution to your eyelids every night and within 2 months results start to take hold.

How does it work?

Latisse’s active ingredient is a chemical compound called bimatoprost. In clinical trials, bimatoprost has been shown to positively impact growth phase of eyelashes.
Growth is achieved in two ways:

  • increase in the number of hairs grown during growth phase
  • increase in the length of the growth phase itself

Most users see SIGNIFICANT improvement and find that it is far superior to awkward and frustrating fake lashes. Safe and simple, Latisse solution is the way to get those flattering eyelashes you have always wanted.

Our staff at Dermacare would be happy to help in any way and can schedule your Latisse consult today. Latisse is a prescription product and requires an evaluation by one of our medical professionals prior to purchase. Dermacare provides this consultation with a nurse practitioner at no charge.

Call today for your complimentary consultation appointment to find out if Latisse ® is right for you, (352) 331-5355, or CLICK HERE to request an appointment by email.